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Ensure the enactment of legislation and regulations enacted under the kedah Water Resources Enactment 2008 and will grow to be enforced in line with the development and planning LSANK

Provide legal advice to LSANK's position, course and operation LSANK be in line with the requirements of any written law

To formulate, update, review and scrutinize the provisions of the Act and subsidiary legislation relating to the activities and jurisdiction LSANK

Supervise, manage and handle court cases for and on behalf LSANK, whether criminal or civil, and manage paper documents and provide power thereto

To provide legal advice to LSANK in matters involving the law as binding agreements, licensing, compliance with kedah Water Resources Enactment 2008, the drafting of laws and prosecution of LSANK

Ensure license for every activity under the regulation LSANK properly issued in accordance with its laws

Enforcement Unit

Review the proposed drafting a new regulation on the Enactment.

To formulate and revise the regulations and legal procedures from time to time.

Provide information on licensing, permits and written permission.

Issuing licenses to organizations that need to conduct activities on water resources.

Ensure that all licensees in accordance with guidelines or regulations.

Coordinate the production and reception of the compound.

Vision & Mission


Being a part of that caliber in legislative action that professional and qualified according to the laws of Malaysia.


Ensuring the legislative process in the state of Kedah Water Resources Board conducted fairly, accurately and effectively in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of Malaysia.