Operation & Research diversion set up to complement the kedah Water Resources Board. The establishment of this unit is intended to carry out the work operation, monitoring and research. The unit is divided into 3 main sections operating units, research units and units of the Emergency Response Team (ERT). In the operating unit, the main objective is to carry out the work in terms of monitoring compliance with the regulations and laws of the kedah water Resources Board and also acts in the conduct of investigations and provide a detailed review of all complaints received. In the research unit, the main focus is given to control and manage the quality of water resources in order to be in the best condition. In addition, ongoing studies to improve the water quality index (IKA) to a higher level of priority. To achieve these goals, special emphasis is given in the 'Quality Assurance' and 'Quality Control' as well as continuous monitoring of the water resource is maintained. For emergency cases also established an Emergency Response Team (ERT) in the unit and join other units to face and solve the problems associated with the immediate emergency. In conclusion, this unit is responsible for the operational work at the site and is directly correlated with consumer printer in addition to the advantage of the State government's revenue sources.


To act as coordinator, facilitator and regulator in an effective, systematic and efficient by making the River Basin Management Plan and Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan as the primary source.

Reviewing, coordinating regulations, procedures and compliance of the legislation from time to time.

Conduct research and ongoing studies to improve the Air Quality Index (IKA) to a better level.

Establishing a system of monitoring and enforcement to ensure that water resources are maintained and quality assured.

To carry out monitoring and investigation of the terms of the license.

Responsible for carrying out an investigation into water quality development projects in the State.

Perform the action immediately after receiving the complaint.

Implement the responsibility to prosecute or revoke the license of abuse after investigations made in detail.

Preparing and responding to the official emergency whether natural disasters, disruption of operation technologies and so on.

Functions of the Diversion

Ensuring the provision of the Board and the regulations promulgated thereunder and enforced in accordance with the development plan of the Board.

Running water quality monitoring in industrial areas, coastal waters, rivers, aquaculture and agriculture throughout the State.

Issuing fines or compounds according to the offense committed.

Design, operate, monitor and improve the research system

Provide information as well as the issuance of licenses and permits written permission to organizations that need to conduct activities on water resources.

Control, manage and conduct research on the quality of water resources in the best level.

Coordinating and issuing and receiving the compound or fine according to the offense committed.

Running and provide studies and reports related to the development and design of water in the state of Kedah.

Monitoring Unit

To monitor compliance of each license issued.

Carry out regular monitoring to any license agreement.

Create and implement regular monitoring to any approval of licenses issued.

To carry out monitoring throughout the State.

Quality Assurance Unit

Designing, operating and monitoring programs related to water resources.

Designing improvement of the quality management system based on the research results.

Establish and implement innovation in the implementation and monitoring of quality.

Run a study on the nature and quality of the water category.

Quality Control Unit

Monitor the results of a specific project to comply with the relevant quality standards.

Carry out checks on products that do not meet specifications.

Run a test for chemical testing of water samples.

Vision & Mission


Guarantee the quality of water resources in the State is preserved at its best


Being a unit which runs the operation, enforcement and research to achieve the quality and workmanship are well established and leading