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Research, information collection plan management and maintenance of web development (LSANK).

Manage the procurement, supply of hardware and software maintenance, including log, monitor the work done by suppliers, follow up to the related parties.

To assist the management of Lembaga Sumber Air Negeri Kedah (LSANK) in the provision of ICT equipment for the updating of data and information activities for the HRMIS application.

Perform other tasks related to the management of ICT equipment as directed from time to time.

Research, information collection plan manage and maintain and develop a Geographical Information System (GIS) (LSANK).

Manage complaints and feedback ICT problems and provide advice and technical assistance on ICT to all employees.

Assist, monitor, coordinate and supervise the LAN and WAN networks and servers coordinate primary and equipment such as Firewall, Proxy, DNS, Broadband, Internet Access, Access Point, Gateway, Modem and others.

To develop and maintain multimedia systems and web-based applications, communications and security systems.

To review system requirements increase the network LAN, WAN and security systems as well as provide ICT training programs and security awareness.

Manage security issues ICT equipment and information systems level Lembaga Sumber Air Negeri Kedah (LSANK) and comply with the control and safety procedures and effective compliance security policies set by the Board, Pusat Teknologi Maklumat Negeri Kedah and MAMPU.

Visi & Misi


Makes Lembaga Sumber Air Negeri Kedah (LSANK) an electronic agency effort to showcase the capabilities of multimedia technologies in disseminating information to the relevant organizations and agencies.


Strive for excellence extensive information through Information and Communication Technology. To provide excellent computing and informative to LSANK. Improving the use of networked applications and informed through the use of information technology in line with the Lembaga Sumber Air Negeri Kedah (LSANK) staff.